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A unique personalised birthday gift

I want to create a space for women without judgment where they can express themselves freely

Boudoir photography for women who are looking to have some gorgeous images taken for themselves or as a gift for their partner or a bride to be who wants to surprise the groom on their wedding day.

Hair & make-up styling is included (provided by a professional hair and make-up stylist).

I shoot boudoir photography for women in dresses, new outfits, lingerie and in the nude, it is completely up to you what you wear. I have taken shots of female Soldiers, Fire Fighters, Nurses, Office workers and full time mums.Women who have had surgery, women who have scars, varicose veins stretch marks all the normal signs and marks we have as women as we go through life. Don't be shy get in contact or arrange a visit to have a look around a coffee and a chat.

You may arrive feeling nervous and full of self doubt and leave feeling euphoric, full of confidence and really surprised and pleased with the results. To find out more read about  and our privacy policy.

Boudoir Vous photography studio is in Colchester, Essex. We welcome you to join us on a journey and dare to discover your inner goddess or she devil.

It's a perfect gift as an anniversary present, birthday or a unique Valentines gift. The results will be gorgeous, images of you as you have never seen yourself before. What are you waiting for the time is right now contact us for a chat.

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